Fully Electric Macan Technology Details Revealed from Porsche

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, Porsche is preparing to release its second electric vehicle, the fully electric Macan. This new model will serve as the successor to the current gas powered Macan. The ICE engine Macan has been on sale since the 2015 model year.

The electric Macan is expected to hit the market in early 2024, potentially as a 2025 model in the U.S. However, fans have had to be patient as the launch has faced delays due to software issues. Initially, Porsche promised the electric Macan would arrive in 2023. A related Audi Q6 E-Tron has also experienced delays.

VW Group PPE Platform Sharing:

These electric compact crossovers are the first vehicles being developed on Volkswagen Group’s PPE platform, designed for high-volume luxury EVs. The PPE platform is flexible enough to accommodate low and high riding models in multiple size categories. Unlike the J1 platform that underpins the Taycan and related Audi E-Tron GT,

Porsche has announced that the fully electric Macan will be offered in entry level and range topping grades. Both versions will utilize a 100 kwh battery and a dual motor all wheel drive system with single speed transmissions at both axles. The most powerful grade is expected to generate up to 603 hp. While the specific range has not been confirmed. Porsche has indicated that the electric Macan will offer significantly more range than the Taycan. In real world testing the Taycan can achieve a range of up to 400 Kms.

Silicon Carbine Technology:

The increased range is due too various efficiency improvements, including the use of silicon carbide in the inverter for the rear motor. This technology reduces switching losses in the inverter and allows for higher switching frequencies, ultimately improving the cars range. The electric Macan will primarily rely on its rear motor during normal driving conditions. The front motor available for extra traction or when additional power is required.

Porsche Macan EV

All electric Macans will utilize an 800 volt electrical system, allowing for charging at rates of up to 270 kw. The Macan will also be capable of bank charging when only 400 volt charging stations are available, enabling parallel charging that speeds up the charging process.

Engineers have focused on refining the chassis, particularly on the high end grades, to ensure the expected Porsche driving experience. Some grades will incorporate a fully variable rear differential and an electronically controlled rear differential lock known as the Performance Rear Axle. Additionally, the rear motor will be positioned slightly behind the rear axle to provide a slight rear bias for weight distribution. This provides an almost perfect 48/52 front to rear. Rear-wheel steering will also be featured on the Macan for the first time.

Porsche Macan EVPorsche Macan EV

Familiar Suspension and Handling:

Suspension plays a significant role in handling, with double wishbones at the front and a multi link setup at the rear. Active dampers will be available for Macans with steel springs and standard on Macans equipped with air springs. Similar to technology found in the 2024 Panamera, the dampers will feature a dual valve design that allows for adjustment of both rebound and compression. This new system will provide a wider performance range between comfort and handling control. The chassis will also be equipped with staggered wheels up to 22 inches in size.

The electric Macan will feature advanced technologies in the cabin, including a digital display with screens for the gauge cluster and infotainment system. An additional screen for the front passenger will also be available, used for navigation and media controls. A light bar at the back of the dash will indicate charging status or serve as a welcome when entering the vehicle. This feature is linked with electronic driver assist systems, providing visual cues for warnings. Porsche will also offer a head up display with augmented reality, beneficial for the navigation system. This will clearly display when and where to make maneuvers.

Production of the electric Macan will take place at Porsche’s plant in Leipzig, Germany.

Despite the delays associated with software development, anticipation for the electric Macan continues to grow. The combination of the electric powertrain efficiency and Porsche’s renowned driving characteristics is expected to make the Macan a highly attractive vehicle in the electric vehicle market.

The Macan skipped the PHEV platform and goes directly to EV. With 600+ hp on tap it will be a real quick trip to school and back.

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