Mercedes G-Turn display at CES: Advises against using on public road

Mercedes-Benz made several exciting announcements at CES, including the introduction of a new AI virtual assistant and musical EV sounds created with Will.I.Am that change as the vehicle is driven. While the Concept CLA and the new E-Class made their North American debuts at CES, the highlight for many was the camouflaged prototype of the upcoming electric G-Class. First teased as the EQG concept in 2021, the G-Class EV is set to hit the market later this year and is expected to be the best G-wagen ever produced, both on-road and off.

Dancing in the Streets:

To showcase the electric G’s capabilities, Mercedes took four prototypes to a closed-off section of the Las Vegas strip in the middle of the night to demonstrate the “G-Turn” function, allowing the SUV to perform a tank turn and spin 720 degrees in place using its four electric motors. Although Mercedes specifies that the “G-Turn must not be used on public roads” and was designed for off roading, the idea of using this feature in unexpected places is incredibly tempting.

While seeing just one G-Class performing the “G-Turn” is entertaining, watching four of them do it simultaneously is truly hilarious. The G-Turn can also be used to make 90-degree turns for navigating difficult terrain and is activated by pressing a button on the dashboard and then holding the steering wheel’s paddle shifters. While Rivian initially claimed that its R1T could perform a tank turn, the feature was ultimately abandoned due to concerns about potential damage to trails.

New Battery Tech Showcased:

Despite the lack of official information about the electric G, the prototype displayed at CES offers plenty of details to analyze. The vehicle features various aerodynamic enhancements to maximize range from the silicon-anode batteries, including smoother A-pillars and new inlets in the rear fenders, which will also be incorporated into the gas powered G-wagens. Additionally, the G-Class EV sports a mostly blocked off grille with an illuminated surround, new bumper designs, and an optional square “spare tire carrier” that doubles as a cargo box for the charging cable. It is speculated that the facelifted G-Class lineup will be revealed in the coming months, with the electric G being introduced alongside or shortly after the gas-powered models.

The G550 will transition from a V8 engine to Mercedes’ inline 6, while the AMG G63 will retain its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 but will feature a new 48-volt hybrid system. The G63 will also receive a semi active hydraulic suspension inspired by the one found in the new SL, replacing the anti roll bars and enhancing on-road handling and off-road capability. There is no confirmation regarding the future of the G63 4×4 Squared in the lineup.

New Logo Designs coming:

Rumors have circulated that Mercedes may be phasing out the EQ moniker and design language for its electric cars in favor of traditional names and models, a possibility hinted at by the prototype showcased at CES. While the concept was known as the EQG, the prototype was simply referred to as “the electric G-Class.” It is speculated that the production car might be named something like G550e or G550 EV. Mercedes has also announced that it is working on an electric model that will be a smaller version of the G-wagen.

If you happen to see me driving the electric G, you can bet I’ll be jamming to Kylie Minogue’s “Spinning Around,” unstoppable as I cruise around in this innovative vehicle.

Photos: Mercedes-Benz

Check out the video from CarandDriver on their YT channel to see the Mercedes G-Turn

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