Honda Announce 30 Electric Vehicles Plus ‘0’ Series at CES Show

Honda announce 30 electric vehicles with a goal of introducing them worldwide by 2030. Some of these new models being a part of the global family of EVs known as the 0 (zero) series. This series was unveiled at the 2024 CES, where Honda showcased a sporty car called the Saloon and a van-like design called the Space-Hub. Both vehicles based on a next generation EV platform with a thin battery design to maximize interior space.

The production version of the Saloon concept is expected to arrive in 2026. Honda has made efforts to create unique designs for both these concepts and plans to introduce a revised Honda H badge for its future EVs. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of sustainable materials in the interior of these concepts. Another point is the incorporation of advanced technology like steer-by-wire and artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience. Honda aims to offer high-density batteries with fast charging capability and minimal battery degradation in its EVs.

Honda’s revised H logo for electric vehicles

Honda Announce 30 Electric VehiclesHonda 0 Space-Hub concept

Conclusion, Honda is making a significant entry into the electric vehicle segment with the introduction of the Prologue midsize SUV. This model is developed on General Motors’ Ultium platform and battery technology. This year, the automaker plans to launch this model, with GM handling the manufacturing process.
Acura, Honda’s luxury vehicle division, will also introduce its ZDX midsize SUV in 2024, following a similar approach with GM’s Ultium platform. While Honda had plans for an affordable EV line with GM, it was canceled last year. Additionally, the company is collaborating with Sony on the new EV brand Afeela, with the first Afeela model, a sleek sedan, set to enter production around 2025 at a North American plant. Honda and Sony unveiled an updated prototype of the Afeela sedan at the 2024 CES.

Finally, As Honda announce 30 electric vehicles it shows their commitment towards EV’s. This at a time when other Japanese brands are focusing on other technology.

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