Lunaz upgrades Aston Martin DB6 with electric power and sustainable trim

Lunaz initially presented an Aston Martin DB6 with an electric power in 2021. This latest concept goes a step further by highlighting sustainable materials.

British company Lunaz is well recognized for its history of electric transformations for vintage vehicles. Most recently they have introduced a concept Aston Martin DB6 which is even more environmentally friendly than the previous DB6 EV conversion.

Sustainable Interiors:

The materials, including a mix that can be sustainably produced from scratch and others derived from recycled scraps, contribute to further reducing the DB6’s environmental impact. The dashboard fascia, shifter, and quarter-window handles are made from a biodegradable composite derived from egg and nut shells. This material Lunaz claims is an alternative to conventional petroleum based plastics.

Elsewhere in the interior, the door linings are made from a plant based polyurethane material and synthetic leather derived from apple pomace. The carpets are made from a combination of recycled plastic bottles and waste material from old carpets and fishing nets. The seats are upholstered in what Lunaz calls low carbon leather and recycled fabric.

Aston Martin DB6 electric power conversion by Lunaz

The original inline 6 engine has been replaced by an electric powertrain. This modular design is similar to what Lunaz installs in its other EV conversions. The output is 375 hp, and Lunaz offers battery packs ranging from 80-120 kwh, providing up to 255 miles of range. DC fast charging, with a Combined Charging Standard (CCS) connector, is also included.

In addition to the Aston Martin DB series, Lunaz’s lineup includes electric conversions of other British classics cars. Some of these are the Jaguar XK120, Bentley S2 Continental, Rolls-Royce Phantom V, and the first generation Range Rover.

It is possible that some of the sustainable materials showcased will also be incorporated into future EV conversions.

You can find out more about the  British electric car conversion company Lunaz on their website.


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